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Protected: Bedroom Proposal One – East Hampton Chic

The Look: East Hampton Chic!

Fresh crisp whites contrasted against navy geometric patterns, softened by warm grey paint tones and natural textiles.



For the bed:

Warm beige and grey throws for the end of the bed to soften the crisp contrast of the navy and white..

A sheepskin rug for under your bedroom chair, as well as some rattan baskets for storing reading material/additional throws for cold Winter evenings.

Bring the geometric theme one step further with a rug for beside the bed..

Tan leather hanging mirror for over the dresser/on each side of the bed..


Along with some stone or glass lamps

To add in some more femininity, we would accessorise with some candles and vase of fresh flowers etc for your dressing and bedside tables.

Are You Blushing?

Where have the last few months gone to? Looks like we fell off the blogging wagon there for a few a little while and completely missed out on a Winter post. But not to worry, we’re back now and with one of the season’s biggest trends! Blush. And what better time to embrace this trendy shade than Spring, with its many shades of pink blossoms adorning trees and shrubs outside our windows.

Blush pink has been around for a while and is a colour that isn’t going anywhere soon.  It’s ability to stand the test of time is because of how effortlessly it can blend into your home. It compliments beautifully with the many shades of grey we’ve seen used in the last few years, as well as green and navy –both of which are very big this year. It looks marshmallow delicious against pure and off whites, and is a perfect match with golds and brass.

But let us not forget the men of the house, and how they may not share the same love for this, the most feminine of shades.  Granted, it should be used with caution. Too much of a rush of blush to the head could cause you to feel as though you are trapped inside some 1970’s prawn cocktail fantasy/nightmare. So here we have shared some more subtle and sophisticated  ways in which to incorporate this delicious shade into your home, so you can sneak it in without your man ever even noticing!

These will set off your cocktail party beautifully and are available from Anthropologie.

Sneak an odd cushion or throw into the bedroom or team it with grey to add a subtle “pop”. Both items available from

Similar style chunky knit blankets available in Ireland from Meadows and Bryne.

We love how classic, sophisticated and grown up the look below is from Kate Forman Design. She has the most beautiful range of fabrics to choose from, so delicate and pretty. Check out her website –

Kate Forman fabrics 2
Picture Credit: Kate Forman
Kate Foreman fabrics
Picture Credit: Kate Forman

For a more modern take, West Elm have two stunning chairs finished in this Dusty Blush fabric. Don’t they make you want to dive in? have very cleverly up-cycled this lamp by giving it a fresh lick of paint. A great cost effective way to introduce a trend to your home.

Picture credit:
A pop of blush against this powder blue sofa from Loaf is a match made in heaven. Picture credit:

We love these cushions from Arnotts against a crisp white bed. Not technically Blush,  but in the pink family none the less!


Some other subtle ways to drop it into the home is through the use of candles and home accessories..


Browsers in Limerick have a fabulous range of accessories to choose from. Here is just a small selection of all things blush available to purchase.


Continue the theme outdoors with this lovely furniture range from Meadows and Byrne

FullSizeRender (1)

So go on, embrace your feminine side and get blushing!

We hope you enjoyed our little finds. Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page for more interiors inspiration!

Talk soon,

Pebble & Sash xx

Turn up the dial to Cosy

With the change of season a new energy takes over in the homes of Pebble and Sash, as change of season means not only a change of scenery outside the window, but also provides an opportunity to change up your home!

Far from suffering from summer ending blues, we focus our attention to getting the home ready and cosy for Autumn and the long winter evenings ahead. For those  of us living on this side of the world it’s akin to animals going into hibernation.

The log baskets are filled, for the constant crackle of a fire , so warming and uplifting! The scent of candles burning fill the home and low lamp lighting makes for a cosy haven away from the cold and grey outside.

Cushions and throws adorn cosy nooks, chutneys bubble on the hob, and rose hips and twigs take the place of summer’s garden flowers.

After crisp walks through the golden, fire red, copper kaleidoscope that is Autumn, leaves, tori tops and pine cones fill bowls. Mulled cider and baileys coffees are consumed to warm the cockles, and chunky knits and woolly socks adorn the toes. What’s not to like!

Here are some some key interior pieces available in stores in the UK and Ireland which we hope will inspire you into embracing this most delicious of seasons.

This autumn is all about rich luxurious velvet. Lush fabrics in the season’s on trend colours adorn this beautiful armchair & ottoman duo. Add this convex mirror also to finish off your cosy corner. Just some of the stunning items available at Rose and Grey in the UK.

Fabulous aged leather pouf and chunky knit cushions are some of the new items in the Autumn Winter range available in store from Meadows & Byrne. And…10% off all throws until midnight Friday 7th October!

Who knew storing logs could be so stylish. And now, you don’t even need to get your hands dirty with these mustard suede fire gloves! Log store available from Hare & Wilde. Gloves from Cox & Cox.

Save yourself the trip outside in the cold, and store your logs indoors in this beautiful wicker basket from Paul Costelloe, Dunnes Stores.

Paul Costello Wicker Baskets

These baskets are also lovely stuffed full of throws to keep you warm while nestled up watching a movie or reading your favourite magazine.

Tori Murphy has a gorgeous collection of textiles, ranging from throws, cushions and kitchen accessories. She even has a hot water bottle cover range! Stocked in Harrods & Selfridges also.

Turn down the lights and warm up the atmosphere with some flickering candlelight

Brass Hurricane Lanterns

Add some copper accents to your kitchen

How gorgeous are these Anthropologie accessories

We fell in love with these amazing textiles from Susie Hetherington, whom we found through Instagram. She launched her 1st collection in 2015 based on her original hand printed designs and with each new collection, she continues to blow us away.Warm mustard and rust red toned lampshades are a great way to bring the Autumn outdoors in.


Susie Hetherington

The new Ashfield collection from Ian Mankin is “a sophisticated mix of British reversible jacquard woven designs with complementing striped, checks and plains”. If on a budget and just want a pop of these in your home, how about this clever idea of using the fabrics to cover some books! Genius! We love this.


Ian Mankin Textiles

Autumn is a time of Harvest. Put your apples to some good use in the form of Mulled Cider – perfect central heating for adults!

Keep those toes nice and warm while sipping on your mulled cider in these delicious Avoca socks and Mohair blankets, made in Co.Wicklow here in Ireland.

So what’s not to love about Autumn! Forget those post summer blues and embrace the long, cosy nights in next to the fire with your nearest and dearest in the homes that you love!

Pebble & Sash xx

“Here’s Johnny!” Confessions of a worn out renovator!

So you’ve bought the forever home, warts and all. Now it’s time to turn it into the house of your dreams…

Before that dream though, first comes the renovation nightmare.

Here are 5 things you can expect to recognize while renovating!

  1. Goodbye Glamour.

You’ll never look worse! Remember Pay Day Friday’s pre renovation?  You’d be straight off to the shops, buying all the latest must haves for your wardrobe, treating yourself to a whole host of luxury beauty products. Entire evenings would be designated to lathering yourself in sumptuous body butter, while surrounded with the heavenly scents and soft flickering’s of Jo Malone candles.  Nowadays, every penny you have is being poured, along with the concrete (and your sanity), into the bottomless pit that is your house. You haven’t bought clothes since the first viewing, most of what you do still own (that hasn’t been thrown out in a bid to declutter before you move in) is crumpled up in cardboard boxes somewhere in the storage abyss. You suddenly notice wrinkle lines you’ve never seen before….a few more greys…and did we mention the comfort eating…the real cherry on top!

  1. Mild to severe Amnesia

Expect your mind to become so saturated with house stuff, you will no longer be able to process any external information.  It must be the renovating equivalent of Baby brain! You’ll forget you had organized an evening with the girls, and that you’ve already sent that email to the builder, tiler and kitchen maker.  You won’t know what’s going on in your day job but will develop a really good listening face, nodding appropriately every few minutes. Serial Listing becomes a matter of life and death – as unless it’s written down, “Poof”, it’s vanished into thin air. You’ll begin to believe you are showing all the signs of early onset dementia. You’ll lock yourself out, leave your coat in a taxi or phone in a bar. You’ll be driving around in a daze and won’t know how you got from A to B or what caused that trail of destruction behind you on the motorway, (all true stories) but don’t be alarmed, it’s just another syndrome you’ve developed due to a wonderful combo of insomnia and decision overload since renovating.

  1. Decision Schizophrenia

“I want the 4 panel front door with Doctor’s knocker. No wait, the 5 panel with Lion head. Actually no, I want the 6 panel. In black please. No, pigeon. I mean drainpipe.” I’ve always prided myself on knowing exactly what I want, especially when it comes to décor. But suddenly, when you are spending your life’s savings on your forever home, you seem to develop complete decision inertia.  And when you do finally make the decision, until you see it in real life, you’ll spend the days, months and weeks afterwards agonizing over whether or not it was the right one.

  1. iPhone Surrender

Even your iPhone gives up trying to keep up with your and decision schizophrenia. It’s as though your right hand now has a mind of it’s own…twitching anxiously if it isn’t scrolling continuously through image after image on offer on the Internet.    Having already flicked through every single edition of Period and Country Living magazine you’ve been storing up since 2005, you’ll be back on the phone, searching through Instagram, followed by Pinterest, then back to Period Living again! Unable to keep up , the latest offering from Apple will surrender to you, overheat (like your brain), and kick the bucket.

  1. Hello Alcohol!

Your other free hand will become permanently occupied by a beverage, of an alcoholic nature. Alcohol, in the face of a dwindling social circle (due to earlier mentioned early onset dementia) will now become your best friend and life line  You’ll reward every decision you do manage to make with your tipple of choice. It will also be there for you through every pitfall…something to steady the nerves. So to try to hold onto whatever is left of your marbles,  be sure to have your favorite tonic stocked up and in plentiful supply throughout! You’ll find yourself hanging out at the drinks counter or wine rack far more than you used to!

But don’t worry, all of these renovation side effects are just temporary….or so we are told! No doubt we’ll be back on here  sharing the joys of renovating with you in just a few months!

Here are some unfiltered, real life pics of the renovation so far. The ones that don’t make the Instagram cut, as they have not yet invented enough filters to ever make them look pretty!

Day 1:

Then this happened:

Followed by a luxury bathroom makeover:

And tonnes and tonnes of rubble having to be removed onsite by wheelbarrow..

This kitchen was the envy of all our friends…


Then one of the scariest moments of them all –  removing the ceiling roses for safe keeping and saying goodbye to the cornicing for a while to allow for some 21st century insulation. 284

The bottomless pit, beginning to take on it’s new form..

And then something really exciting happened – Trevor Dignan of Dukesbury Garden Rooms (link below) installed an incredible roof lantern.

The curved wall to the mezzanine took shape :


And the walls of the existing house were insulated and re plastered



Now the fun stuff is really beginning. Second fix electrics and gas due to be installed next week, as well as the doors, kitchen and mezzanine railing! Cornicing and ceiling roses also to be reinstated! So, maybe it’s not so bad after all! Stay tuned to our Instagram page @pebbleandsash to keep an eye on how things are progressing as we make a sprint for the finish line.

Pebble & Sash xx


I say Francais…!

In an attempt to restore some Joie de Vivre back into our lives, after a winter of saving for, planning and designing a renovation project, off we set for France for 2 weeks in June, desperately seeking some much needed R+R and alone time…having spent the past month living with my parents whilst the renovation is underway!

Our journey began in the Languedoc Region, in the magical Chateau Les Carrasses, with the most beautiful interiors imaginable. From there, we meandered through the French countryside into Montpellier and all it’s wonderful antique stores, finishing up in the spectacular Saint Paul de Vence, a fairytale village perched high on the mountains overlooking the Cote d’Azur. They say this village has inspired numerous famous artists, painters, writers and poets, some of whom took up residence there. One glimpse of this magical place, and you can see why.

France and it’s mesmerising beauty really is a feast for the senses and their architecture and interior style is just as incredible as their delicious wine, cheese and pastries!




Here are some finds that we have put together  for your home available to buy in the UK and Ireland.


Beautiful shutters in shades of soft greys and blues adorn the windows of most French buildings, keeping it’s occupants nice and cool in the hot summer sun. Authentico have such a gorgeous range of colours to give your old furniture a French face lift – and sticks to any surface so very little prepping required!

Available from and

Also check out Cork local business The Vintage Chalk Hut and follow Debbie over on Instagram. She has a wonderful range of painted furniture and uses Everlong Chalk paint

If you don’t want to spend time doing a furniture overhaul, accessorise your homes with some French scented candles from Brissi and Durance soaps, that won’t break the bank. Such lovely gifts also.

New Provence inspired stock has just arrived in store at our friends in Interiosity – you must visit. Make a morning of it, followed by French style lunch of wine, cheese and charcuterie in On The Pigs Back!



We found this fabulous range of dining chairs on Irish website

Brissi also stock a selection of Bistro chairs available on

CSGC0901Rustic refinement sums up Neptune’s latest additions to their home decor collection. Glazed ceramics, fired clay, handwoven wicker and rattan accessories complement their stunning range of furniture and all have a distinctively French note.

Available to buy in the UK at

Browsers Interiors in Limerick are sole stockists of Neptune in Limerick. Check them out at

Add some Provence inspired key pieces to your kitchen – here are some we found from  stores around the UK and Ireland

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


These lovely linens in such pretty subtle tones will give a little “je ne sais quoi” to your tablescape


Just imagine this beautiful fabric blowing gently in the lavender scented breeze.

Linen in Elephant Grey from

Birdsong in rain pattern in Belgian Grey from the gorgeous

Antique French doors from

New Paul Costello range below available in Dunnes Home right now

For more French interiors inspiration, here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow:






We hope that you enjoy and Happy Bastille Day!

Stop by for some more Interiors inspiration soon.

Pebble and Sash xx